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Caleb and Ace
What a wonderful journey these last 5 years have been! It's amazing how fast our boys are growing up and talking more and more each day. The precious memories that are made each and every day cannot be bottled so we felt that this would be the next best thing. We look forward to sharing with you all the tremendous love we have for our family!
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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Jamie!

We hope you had a wonderful birthday! All the fun started last night at Jeff & Courtney's and carried on into tonight with more family and great food!
Every year Jamie request the same thing....a "real" strawberry cake and enchiladas and every year the cakes turns out crooked and the icing thin. Can someone please tell me how to make thick icing????
Caleb was so excited to help make the cake and he did a GREAT job. He is turning into a little chef. (just like his Daddy) Jamie's Mom, brother and sister came over tonight to help us celebrate his big day.
Happy Birthday babe! We love you SO MUCH!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sweet Boys

We took the boys to the Red Caboose Park today and they had a blast. This is Caleb's favorite place to be and soon to be Ace's too, I'm sure. It seems like we have all been sick so much lately with ear infections, bronchitis and runny noses that the boys enjoyed just being able to run and play outside.

I look at these pictures and just can not believe how big they are getting. Where are my babies??

I promise they really do love each other! I try all the time to get a good picture of the two of them together and every time Ace starts crying..but I LOVE this picture anyway!