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What a wonderful journey these last 5 years have been! It's amazing how fast our boys are growing up and talking more and more each day. The precious memories that are made each and every day cannot be bottled so we felt that this would be the next best thing. We look forward to sharing with you all the tremendous love we have for our family!
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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Birthday, Ace

Happy 2nd Birthday sweet boy! It is so hard to believe that you are TWO years old. My babies are growing up way too fast.

For Ace's 2nd Birthday we had a puppy dog themed party. I can not even tell you how much he LOVES dogs. When we are outside (which is always) he will run down the street chasing every dog he sees and alot of times you can find him crawling on the floor acting like a dog.

We had so much fun at the party with our family and friends. We had a puppy dog cake, cupcakes, puppy dog ears and treats for all the was alot of fun!

I think that he finally realized that this was a party for him when it was time for the cake. When everyone started singing Happy Birthday to him you could see the light bulb go off .....he had a big smile!