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Caleb and Ace
What a wonderful journey these last 5 years have been! It's amazing how fast our boys are growing up and talking more and more each day. The precious memories that are made each and every day cannot be bottled so we felt that this would be the next best thing. We look forward to sharing with you all the tremendous love we have for our family!
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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A day at the Fire Station

Caleb is really into playing fireman right now and most of the time we have to call him "fireman Caleb". Jamie loaded up the boys one morning and took them to our local Fire Department. I was not able to go with them but I continue to hear all about is all Caleb is talking about. Fireman Jay was so nice and gave them all a tour of the fire department and let Caleb sit in the truck. Caleb just thought this was the coolest thing ever! He gave the boys each a hat and coloring books. As Jamie and the boys were leaving the fire department got a call so they got to see all the firemen suit up and take off in the trucks with lights, sirens and all. Thanks fireman Jay for letting Caleb take a tour and thank you Jamie for being such a good Daddy!

Easter 2009

Easter was a lot of fun this year! We started with an Easter egg hunt on Saturday that our subdivision has for the kids every year. We got to see the Easter bunny and the boys found LOTS of eggs. Ace was so funny with the Easter bunny..he was just in aww over him. He kept touching him, pushing him, trying to hold his hand and then he realized he had a tail! He kept grabbing his tail and pulling on it. We are very thankful that it was a nice Easter bunny!

On Sunday the boys were so excited to wake up to see if the Easter bunny came to our house and of course he did. After church we came home and had another egg hunt with our neighbor next door, Cade. They all had so much fun and I think we will have enough candy to last until next Easter.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Famiy Devotional

I thought this was just too cute not to post
We try and have a family devotional every night before bed. Most the time we read Bible stories out of Caleb's Bible but this night we were getting ready for our devotional and he comes running in asking if he could read to us. We were thrilled and could not wait to hear his stories.....

Thank you God for our sweet Caleb.