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What a wonderful journey these last 5 years have been! It's amazing how fast our boys are growing up and talking more and more each day. The precious memories that are made each and every day cannot be bottled so we felt that this would be the next best thing. We look forward to sharing with you all the tremendous love we have for our family!
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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sweet Caleb


Listening to your sweet little voice just makes my heart smile. You came in today and asked if you could sing me my favorite song (you are my sunshine). This was a real treat because I always ask you to sing for me and you are usually not in the mood. You even let me record you and that never happens. You always get really shy when I get the video camera out.

I love your voice! The way you put pronounce your words, especially your j's! You tell Daddy and I "good gwob" all the time meaning "good job". Sometimes it is hard to keep a straight face because you think that you are so big and trying really hard to have big boy conversations while using what we call "Caleb-isms". I have been trying to keep track of them all but there are so many!

Here are just a few:

"in the morrow" for tomorrow

"alligator" for elevator

"say mia prayers" for say my prayers

and one of my favorites is "soaking hot" or "soaking hungry". You have heard us say "soaking wet" many times and now you put the word soaking before EVERYTHING! I just pray that you do not do this at school because a lot of times it does not come out that clear and they could easily misunderstand what you are saying for a not so nice word. :)

Thank you for making my day today by singing me my favorite song. I will cherish these videos forever!

I love you sweet boy!