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Caleb and Ace
What a wonderful journey these last 5 years have been! It's amazing how fast our boys are growing up and talking more and more each day. The precious memories that are made each and every day cannot be bottled so we felt that this would be the next best thing. We look forward to sharing with you all the tremendous love we have for our family!
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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cookies with Santa

Caleb and I started the week by making a gingerbread house. Last year we had so much fun making a gingerbread train so this year Caleb wanted to make a house. We had lots of fun but once again we had to wait until Ace took a nap to start. If we would have let Ace help I don't think we would have had any candy left to decorate our house with. I feel like Ace has missed out on lots of fun but he is just not a lot of help this year. Ace, I promise baby that next year you can help us with all these fun things!

The daycare where the boys attend had their Christmas sing-a-long on Friday and after the program Santa Claus stopped by the school to have cookies and milk with all the kids. They were so excited! Caleb just wanted to know where his sleigh was...

We were not sure what to expect from Caleb because of his shyness. We were afraid once he saw all the parents he would take off running or break down and cry, but he did Great from what we could tell. They placed all the kids by height and the smaller kids in front of Caleb were wearing reindeer antlers so we could not see him at all. They finally made those kids sit on their knees on the last song so we did get to see him sing at least one song. I bribed him that morning with a strawberry milkshake after school and it worked! Is that bad??

We knew EXACTLY what to expect from Ace....there was no way he was going to sit up there with his class so we decided to keep him with us. He is the youngest in his class and I was so afraid that he would disrupt the whole program. I think his teachers were happy by our decision to keep him with us. Sweet will be ready next year!

Ace had more fun playing dress up in Caleb's classroom than anything. I did not think we would ever get him out of this room.

Caleb was really excited to see and talk to Santa this year but Ace was not at all!